ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 : An Exciting Cricket Extravaganza

    Scheduled of Cricket World Cup 2023

    The ICC Cricket World Cup is a global cricketing event that unites nations, players, and cricket enthusiasts in an unparalleled display of talent and sportsmanship. With the 2023 edition just around the corner, fans are eagerly awaiting the thrill and excitement it promises. This article delves into the details of the tournament, including the participating teams, match schedules, key encounters, venues, and more.

    scheduled cricket world cup 2023

    Participating Teams

    The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will witness fierce competition among the cricketing powerhouses, including:

    A grand total of 10 teams are set to partake in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The configuration of this edition will mirror that of the 2019 version. It will commence with a round-robin stage, followed by the semifinals and the ultimate clash. During the round-robin phase, each of the 10 teams will engage in a single bout against one another.

    In this tournament, a triumph will award a team two points, whereas a match culminating in no outcome will grant each participating team a single point. After the conclusion of the round-robin phase, the four top-performing teams will advance to the semifinals.

    The principal route to secure a spot in the ICC World Cup 2023 was through the Super League 2020-23. The top seven squads in the tournament, in addition to the host country India, have secured automatic qualification for this esteemed event.

    As for the remaining five teams on the Super League standings, the top three teams from the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2, and the leading two teams from the 2023 World Cup Qualifier Playoff, they will compete in the 2023 World Cup Qualifier to determine the final two entries for the main event. This qualifying showdown is slated to unfold in Zimbabwe during the months of June and July.

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Team List:

    New Zealand
    South Africa

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Qualifiers Team List:

    Sri Lanka
    West Indies
    United Arab Emirates
    United States

    Tournament Schedule

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venues and Stadium details:

    These stadiums will be hosting matches during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, providing cricket fans with exciting and memorable experiences.

    Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Thursday, 05 OctoberEnglandNew Zealand2:00 P.M
    Saturday, 14 OctoberIndiaPakistan2:00 P.M
    Sunday, 19 NovemberWinner of Semi-Final 1Winner of Semi-Final 22:00 P.M

    Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Friday, 06 OctoberPakistanNetherlands2:00 P.M
    Monday, 09 OctoberNew ZealandNetherlands2:00 P.M

    Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Saturday, 07 OctoberBangladeshAfghanistan10:30 A.M
    Tuesday, 10 OctoberEnglandBangladesh10:30 A.M
    Saturday, 28 OctoberAustraliaNew Zealand10:30 A.M

    Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Saturday, 07 OctoberSouth AfricaSri Lanka2:00 P.M
    Wednesday, 11 OctoberIndiaAfghanistan2:00 P.M
    Wednesday, 25 OctoberAustraliaNetherlands2:00 P.M

    MA Chidambaram, Chennai:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Sunday, 08 OctoberIndiaAustralia2:00 P.M
    Tuesday, 23 OctoberPakistanAfghanistan2:00 P.M
    Thursday, 02 NovemberNew ZealandPakistan2:00 P.M
    Tuesday, 07 NovemberAustraliaAfghanistan2:00 P.M
    Thursday, 09 NovemberNew ZealandSri Lanka2:00 P.M
    Sunday, 05 NovemberIndiaSouth Africa2:00 P.M
    Monday, 06 NovemberBangladeshSri Lanka2:00 P.M

    Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Thursday, 12 OctoberAustraliaSouth Africa2:00 P.M
    Saturday, 21 OctoberNetherlandsSri Lanka10:30 A.M

    Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Thursday, 19 OctoberIndiaBangladesh2:00 P.M
    Monday, 30 OctoberAfghanistanSri Lanka2:00 P.M
    Wednesday, 01 NovemberNew ZealandSouth Africa2:00 P.M
    Friday, 10 NovemberSouth AfricaAfghanistan2:00 P.M
    Saturday, 11 NovemberAustraliaBangladesh10:30 A.M
    Sunday, 12 NovemberIndiaNetherlands2:00 P.M

    M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Friday, 20 OctoberAustraliaPakistan2:00 P.M
    Saturday, 28 OctoberNew ZealandPakistan10:30 A.M
    Friday, 10 NovemberEnglandNetherlands2:00 P.M

    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Saturday, 21 OctoberEnglandSouth Africa2:00 P.M
    Tuesday, 24 OctoberSouth AfricaBangladesh2:00 P.M
    Sunday, 05 NovemberIndiaEngland2:00 P.M

    Eden Gardens, Kolkata:

    DateTeam ATeam BTime IST
    Saturday, 21 OctoberNetherlandsBangladesh10:30 A.M
    Saturday, 11 NovemberEnglandPakistan2:00 P.M
    Sunday, 29 OctoberIndiaEngland2:00 P.M

    Key Matches to Watch

    Several matches will be particularly captivating for fans:

    Venues and Locations

    • Australia vs England: A classic rivalry ignites the tournament.
    • India vs Pakistan: The cricketing world stops to witness this clash of titans.
    • New Zealand vs South Africa: A battle of strategic minds and talent.

    The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will be hosted across major cricket stadiums in Australia, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sydney Cricket Ground, Perth Stadium, Adelaide Oval, and Optus Stadium.

    Previous Champions and Records

    Australia and India are the most successful teams in the Cricket World Cup, each winning the prestigious trophy five times. Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for the most runs in the tournament, while Glenn McGrath has the most wickets.

    Players to Watch

    • Virat Kohli (India): A batting maestro and a strong team leader.
    • Steve Smith (Australia): Renowned for his unorthodox yet effective batting style.
    • Babar Azam (Pakistan): An emerging talent with exceptional skills.


    The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 promises to be an exhilarating event, filled with nail-biting matches, exceptional performances, and memorable moments. Cricket fans across the globe eagerly await this grand spectacle, and with the participating teams gearing up for the challenge, the tournament is set to enthrall audiences worldwide.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How many teams are participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

    Sixteen teams from various cricketing nations will participate in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

    2. When and where is the opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

    The opening match, along with the opening ceremony, will take place on October 20 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    3. Which teams have won the ICC Cricket World Cup multiple times?

    Australia and India have both won the ICC Cricket World Cup five times, making them the most successful teams in the tournament’s history.

    4. How can I purchase tickets for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

    Information about ticketing for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 can be found on the official tournament website or authorized ticketing platforms.

    5. Where can I watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 matches live?

    The matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 can be watched live on various broadcasting networks and streaming platforms globally. Check your local listings for details.

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