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Gary Neville doubles down on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sack statement as Rio Ferdinand disagrees

Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand have been at odds over the future of their former teammate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United’s manager

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaks at a press conference ahead of Man Utd v Watford

While Manchester United’s results continue to concern fans, Gary Neville remains steadfast in his refusal to call for the sacking of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Neville has repeatedly spoken out against calling for managers to lose their jobs, having come under pressure during his time in charge at Valencia, insisting his own history with Solskjaer is not a factor.

The 46-year-old has again been asked about his former teammate, ahead of a big week for United, and has refused to change his stance.

Indeed, Neville has reiterated that, not only is he still determined to stop short of calling for Solskjaer’s dismissal, but he will continue to resist joining calls for any manager to be sacked regardless of poor results on the pitch.

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Neville has refused to call for Solskjaer’s dismissal


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Neville has been steadfast in his stance about Solskjaer, criticizing performances but consistently stopping short of calling for the manager’s head.

He has described United’s points tally as “unacceptable,” but has not gone further than that despite the on-field struggles.

Solskjaer’s team suffered four defeats in their first 11 games, ensuring they went into the international break five points outside the Champions League places.

“I had to decide 11 years ago what type of person and pundit I wanted to be,” Neville told The Mail, while stressing it is “not my style” to call for a dismissal.

“When Arsene Wenger was dying at the end I was critical of Arsenal fans marching against him. There were complaints when I called one of them a muppet.

“As pundits we have to decide whether we are comfortable asking for a fellow human being to be sacked. I feel I am a respectable human being.”

Neville and Solskjaer spent several years together as United teammates



On the topic of Solskjaer specifically, Neville was prepared to criticize the decisions made by his former teammate in advance of a “horrific week” involving matches away to Watford, Villarreal and Chelsea.

“I think Ole not sorting out the compactness of the team earlier was silly. It was a glaring tactical mission,” he said.

“I am happy to say that. Not good enough. But I just won’t say the other thing. Not about Ole or any manager. I never have.”

Solskjaer’s United lost four league games before the international break



Neville’s stance is notably different to that expressed by Rio Ferdinand, another of Solskjaer’s former teammates at Old Trafford.

Explaining he didn’t know why Neville wouldn’t call for the manager’s dismissal, Ferdinand reiterated his own calls for United to make a change in the dugout.

“I’m not saying I’m enjoying saying a manager should lose his job, I’m just saying things aren’t going well, so maybe there needs to be a change if you want to improve things,” Ferdinand said.

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