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Top Water Sports in Dubai that you must try!

Whether you are a resident or a tourist, a vibrant city like Dubai offers a lot more beyond your expectations right from several cuisines and delicacies, beautiful views, tall sculptures, Arabian deserts, and huge sightseeing options. Now it has also managed to offer a wide variety of Water Sports that will surely make your experience adventurous at every stage. Here is a list of some of The Water Sports in Dubai that will make your stay memorable.

1. Parasailing

Don’t like rushing things? Then Parasailing can be a perfect choice for you. Also, you can even try Paragliding to experience the best time of your life. It is a special parachute that will be guided by a boat, will rise along with the speed of the boat, and then will move in the sky giving you beautiful and panoramic views of Dubai city. As the parachute takes off, you may experience some rush but once it starts floating in the air, you will feel like you are flying in the skies.

Where: Arabia Horizons

2. Speed ​​Boating

One of the most adventurous water sport activities in Dubai, A Speed ​​Boat is a great way of taking your family and enjoying with them to the fullest. It will take you on a tour of the Dubai beachfront and is also one of the most loved water sport activities at Dubai Jumeirah beach. It is the safest activity where all the family members of friends can take active participation and cherish the memories together. You can click some good pictures during your ride to upload them on social media.

Where: JBR The Beach, and is run by Water Adventure

3. Flyboarding

Imagine what if you get superpowers? This is the exact feeling you will get when you will try Flyboarding. It is an amazing water sport where you have to stand on a jetpack run with powerful motors that will propel you up high in the sky. You will surely be guided by an instructor every time and you will also figure out its mechanism after a few minutes of the ride. You will get the feeling of being a superhero trying to do stunts in the beautiful vicinity of Dubai.

Where: Nemo Watersports

4. Seabreaker

A shark or an adventurous machine? You will ask this question yourself when you will see the Seabreacher. It has got a unique body that looks like a metallic shark. It is also called a two-seater aircraft. You get to seat in this along with an instructor to guide you in this adventure and he will take you on an amazing thrilling ride at the speed of 55 mph and then dive you down at 5 feet depth. It’s not the end as you will instantly fly up again in the air. That’s a water sport surely for a strong-hearted person!

Where: Rixos The Palm, and is run by Water Adventure

5. Diving

Ever feel like going deep down the sea and seeing the beautiful creatures swimming around? Diving is one of the best water sport to try on. Aquarium Diving at Atlantis The Palm is the ultimate adventure you must experience which has around 65000 marine animals like sharks, manta rays, and fish. This aquarium is beautifully themed and is one of the largest aquariums. Diving and standing in a world of colorful fishes is something that can be cherished here!

What are you waiting for? Make your experiences memorable and thrilling at the same time by enjoying these Water Sports in Dubai.

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