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Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper – Al-Ahly ranks third after defeating the Falcon

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 09:00 pm / Today’s News / Seiyun / Jamaan Doyle

In the match to determine the third place in the General League for the first-class clubs that
The two losing teams of the General League semi-finals for the 2020 sports season were collected –
2021 AD, (Al-Saqr in Taiz and Al-Ahly in Sana’a) at Seiyun Olympic Stadium
yesterday tuesday
Al-Ahly team won
With difficulty, the Falcon scored a goal, and with that result, Al-Ahly team occupied Sana’a
Third place in the general league, while Al-Saqr team ranked fourth.

The match did not meet the technical level and performance of the two teams during the league qualifiers
The year back and forth, and the psychological factor in the players’ performance during the course of the course was evident
The course of the two halves of the match, especially the Al-Ahly players, who lost their last match in
The semi-finals of the Fahman Abyan team with a penalty shootout after they tied in time
The original part of the match, where the first half of the match was characterized by open play
The exchange of attacks between the two teams that did not pose a threat to the goal of the two teams
In the 39th minute, Al-Ahly scored the only goal in the match with a foot
His attacker, Muhammad Allous, after receiving a cross ball into the defensive depth of the falcon and directing it
With Al-Saqr’s goal, the first goal was announced, and the first half ended with Al-Ahly’s lead with a goal.

In the second half of the match, the technical staff of both teams made many changes
To enhance the effectiveness of the performance of the two teams, but to no avail, and the game continued as an argument between
Control and offensive pressure sometimes for Al-Ahly and other times for the Falcon to announce the referee of the match
The final whistle, with Al-Ahly winning with a goal, to occupy the third place in the General League.

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