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Greisha to Al-Shorouk: We have nothing to do with containment and my ambition to head the referees committee

Mohammed Jalal

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Wednesday 17 November 2021 – 12:29 am
| Last updated:
Wednesday 17 November 2021 – 12:53 AM

Jihad Greisha, the former international referee, recalled the reason for the crisis of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match due to the statements of Mohamed Adel, the referee of the 123rd summit meeting after its end.

Al-Ahly scored a 5-3 victory over Zamalek, in the match hosted by Cairo Stadium, as part of the accounts of the third round of the Premier League, and after the match, Mohamed Adel’s statements sparked widespread controversy.

Jihad Greisha said in exclusive statements to “Al-Shorouk”: “Mohamed Adel should not have spoken to the media after the match. Here, the crisis was created. If he had not spoken, things would not have ignited.”

He added: “The reason for this is the one who allowed Muhammad Adel to speak to the media, and I think that he is Essam Abdel-Fattah, head of the referees committee.”

He continued, “The referees committee has been implicated at the moment. All we have is to pray that the next period of the league will pass peacefully, and fortunately, the summit match was then an international stop.”

Jihad Greisha moved to talk about the video technology crisis, saying: “The VAR crisis requires intensive training, but the 10-day work is “boiling eggs” and is unrealistic.”

He continued, “I was one of the referees who trained. There are certainly mistakes, but everyone is trying to fix them. It is very difficult.”

And about the meaning of containment, which sparked controversy from referee Muhammad Adel.. Jihad Greisha said: “We have nothing to do with all these matters. We only apply the law, even if the match is a big result. This is something that is outside of me.”

Jihad Greisha concluded: “I will not take any position in the Football Association except for the head of the referees committee.”

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