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Mourinho coach of Portugal .. The dream may become a reality

The Portuguese team failed to qualify for the World Cup “Qatar 2022” directly from the European qualifying qualifiers, after occupying the first place in Group A, after losing at home and among its fans against Serbia, which in turn booked the qualification card for the World Cup.

The Portuguese national team will be forced to go to the play-off, in which it will face one of the teams, and if it overcomes its obstacle, it will qualify to face another European team, in order to qualify for the World Cup.

A World Cup without Cristiano Ronaldo is what football fans think. Everyone does not want that in the last World Cup, perhaps for one of the best players in the game throughout history. As for the Portuguese, they think that this generation, perhaps the best in the history of their country in terms of quality of elements, will not compete to the World Cup, and may even fail to qualify for the competition.

The Portugal team has a number of distinguished elements in various positions at the present time, Ruben Diaz, the best defender in Europe, Joao Cancelo, one of the best backs in the world, as well as youngsters Nuno Mendes and Diogo Dalot, in addition to a superb midfield that includes Ruben Neves, Paulinha and Renato Sanchez, in addition to To two of the best playmakers in the world, Bruno Fernandes and Fernando Silva.

The matter is no different for the attacking line. The presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to Joao Felix, Diogo Jota, Andre Silva and many distinguished players, is sufficient. An almost complete list, which is what the Portuguese people have the right to grieve for. After achieving the dream of obtaining the euro, why do they not achieve the World Cup? with that list?

A star-studded list, headed by the best player in the history of the national teams, but this squad is led by an old coach, Fernando Santos, who won the Euro with them in 2016 after 3 draws in the group stage and a scenario that served him a lot, and certainly he is not the right man for that battalion of players He may not know how much talent he has under his leadership.

The best generation of players, may need to train under the leadership of the best coach in the history of Portugal, which is the exceptional Jose Mourinho, and it may seem logical, Mourinho is only missing the training of his country, which is what he dreams of as he previously stated and described it in the event of an emotional matter, And that battalion needs a great coach to lead them to achieve what they want.

Mourinho is currently training the Italian team Roma, and things are not going well with him. Santos will certainly continue to lead the technical leadership in the qualifying playoff, but if he is skipped, the Portuguese Federation may think about changing, and that change may come through the “exceptional”, Who may end his training career by achieving his dream and serving his country, and why not, the biggest dream of all the Portuguese people… winning the World Cup.

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