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The loan policy is bearing fruit in Al-Ahly .. Abdel-Qader and Ammar are an extension of the success of the loanees

Recently, Al-Ahly officials have relied on the loan policy of a number of promising team stars, in order to refine their technical expertise and give them a greater opportunity to participate outside Al-Ahly, provided that they return with great experience and have the ability to represent Al-Ahly in the coming period.

Al-Ahly’s loan policy in the last three years is going well, after more than one player left on loan and returned in a different way and they have a great role with the red team, and rely on them to be one of the main pillars in the ranks of Al-Ahly, after their success in the loan experiments, which is the principle that the red administration wants Continuing to work hard in the coming years.

Ahmed Abdel Qader and Ammar Hamdi, the last success experiences of the players after they went out on loan and returned again to the red team, after the good levels they showed with the red team in the current season, despite their lack of participation, after Abdel Qader returned from a successful loan to Smouha last season, while Ammar returned from A successful loan experience also from the Alexandrian Federation.

And there are more than one player with whom the loan experience is applied in the current season, provided that they return to Al-Ahly in the next season with great experiences, such as Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Mustafa Al-Badry, Karim Nedved and Faris Tariq, loaned to Future, Mohamed Shoukry loaned to Smouha and Shady Dawan loaned to the National Bank.

There are many examples of the success of loan experiences after their return to Al-Ahly and the acquisition of experience and refinement of their skills after playing outside the Red Castle, such as Akram Tawfik after a successful experience in El Gouna, Mohamed Sherif after a successful experience in Enppi and Salah Mohsen after a successful experience also in Smouha.

There is also Nasser Maher after his experience with Smouha before being sold to Future and Ahmed Yasser Rayan after a successful experience to El Gouna and Ceramica and then loaned again in a new experience, but to the Turkish League this time from the Turkish Altay Izmir Gate on loan with the intention of the final sale.

Al-Ahly administration also plans to repeat the loan experience with a number of young players who are currently in the ranks of Al-Ahly, such as Muhammad Fakhry, Ziad Tariq, Saleh Nasr, Muhammad Nasir, Muhammad Ashraf and Muhammad al-Maghrabi, in order to repeat the successes of loanees outside Al-Ahly, as well as Ahmed Nabil Manga, Ahmed Sayed Gharib and other players. Distinguished in the junior sector.

There are more than one player loaned to Premier League clubs, such as Walid Mostafa and Ahmed El-Sayed to El-Gouna and Arabi Badr to Future, and it is expected that they will be evaluated after the end of the loan period, unlike the Al-Ahly trio Mido Hossam and Mohamed Ahmed “Besso” and Mustafa Fawzy loaned to the Czech team Zizkov for two seasons.

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