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Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper – The local authority in Moody supports the Fahmane team with one million riyals

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 11 pm / Today’s News / Aref Alwan

The local authority in the Mudiyah District, Abyan Governorate, provided financial support in the amount of one million riyals to the Fahman first football team, in return for the achievement it achieved by qualifying for the general league final for first-class clubs.

The Administrative Board of the Local Council in the Directorate of Moody approved the support of the Fahmane team, the representative of the Directorate and the Governorate, with an amount of one million riyals, after the remarkable results and the wonderful victories that he achieved in this great sporting forum, which enabled him to reserve a place for him in the gold final on the path to completing the journey and achieving the goal sought by the sons of Modeyeh, in particular and I clearly show general.

It is noteworthy that the local authority in the Directorate of Moody has previously supported the Fahman team with an amount of one and a half million riyals, with the start of the first-class club league competitions.

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