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Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper – Most likely, the people of Ibb turn off the lights on the youth of the generation

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 08 am / Today’s News / Seiyun / Jamaan Doyle

The Shaab Ibb team maintained its position in the ranks of the first-division clubs after its victory over the team
Shabab Al-Jeel in Al-Hodeidah on penalties (4-3) after the regular time of
The game is a positive tie for both teams with two goals in each goal in the play-off match
Which brought them together Thursday evening at the Seiyun Olympic Stadium
To determine the fourth team relegated to the second division after it was confirmed that the clubs (Al-Tilal, Al-Wahda and Al-Shula) were relegated for not participating in the qualifiers, and the two teams are the people of Ibb
Shabab Al-Jeel finished at the bottom of the list at the end of their second and first groups qualifiers.
With this result, the people of Ibb maintained their survival in the first place, while the youth of the generation fell
to the second degree.

The first half of the match
The people of Ibb started by scoring the first goal in the seventh minute, taking advantage of a defensive dabka in the
Six yards from a cross-served ball from the foot of player Akram Al-Warafi, right
The goal of the youth of the generation and with the interference of the defenders of the generation with the goalkeeper to find the feet of Al-Harawi
It is inhabited by the goal net, announcing the first goal. The joy of my players did not last long, only four
Only minutes and from a powerful shot from a counter-attack and the exit of the people’s goalkeeper after blocking a shot
Strong, the ball returns to the feet of the Shabab Al-Jeel striker, who shoots it into the goal, but he blocks it
It has the people’s defender Issam Al-Badani in his hand and prevents the ball from entering his goal to get a
A direct red card and a penalty kick for Shabab Al-Jeel in the 17th minute, from the penalty mark
The player Youssef Mohamed Abdo scores the equalizer and the people complete the remaining minutes with ten
Players and the first half ends with the two teams tied with a goal in each goal.

The second half of the match
The youth of the generation did not take advantage of the numerical shortage of the people, but rather played the people with a fighting spirit and grace
High and besieging the youth players of the generation, most of whom are young and lack the experience of liberation
And the opening of the spaces and the speed of the ball’s transmission, which helped the players of the people in the ease of cutting
The balls and recognizing the trajectory of the ball, this is why the majority of the balls of the youth of the generation were cut, in
72 minutes
The attack area by entering the player Ahmed Nasser Ahmed, and from the first touch of the ball and from an attack
Rebounding based on his speed from the right of the field, penetrating the defenses of the people and hitting a medium ball
The people’s goal netted in the 74th minute, amid the joy of the youth of the generation players with the second goal, despite the numerical shortage of the people, but in the last minutes the people launched many attacks, but
To no avail, while the match is heading to the end of its original time, specifically in the minute
90 One of the Ibb people’s strikers receives a penalty kick after being obstructed by the left back
For the youth of the generation inside the penalty area and the referee of the match did not hesitate to count it and from a mark
The penalty, Al-Shaab goalkeeper Ali Fadl Al-Amri scores the equalizer for the people, and the time is up
The deductible calculated by the referee of the match is five minutes, and the whistle announces the end of the match
The two teams tied positively with two goals in each goal, to decide for penalty kicks
The match is not divisible by two to determine the winning team to remain in the ranks of clubs
The first division and the loser to bid farewell to the league of lights to the second division, and through kicks
Weighting Luck smiled to the people of Ibb by taking five kicks and missing the third kick as he did
Shabab Al-Jeel took five kicks and missed the first and second kick to end the match with the victory of the people
On penalties, 4-3.

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