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Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper – A difficult task for Saudi Arabia and a fateful match for Syria in the World Cup qualifiers

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 10 pm / Today’s news / Follow-up

The Saudi team, the leaders of Group Two, will visit Australia, while the UAE faces a difficult test in South Korea in the fifth round of the third phase of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup. The Saudi team faces a new test in its quest to maintain the top spot in Group B.

The “green” leads the second group with 12 points from 4 consecutive victories, while the Australian team follows it in second place with 9 points, while Oman and Japan, which face China and Vietnam, respectively, occupy the third and fourth places with 6 points, while the latter two occupy fifth place with 3 points. And the latter is without points in a row, and the Saudi team is moving at a confident pace in the qualifiers, after it succeeded in achieving the full mark, and aspires to score its fifth victory in a row and get very close to qualifying, or exit with a draw to maintain its record free of defeats, and stay in the lead.

The Saudi team is aware of the difficulty of the task, especially since it has never defeated its host in its stadium, so it will play in a balanced manner and try to take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes to get a positive result. The other, and therefore he will count on the likes of Abdul-Ilah Al-Omari, Sultan Al-Ghannam, Salman Al-Faraj, Abdul-Ilah Al-Maliki, Saleh Al-Shehri, Muhammad Kno and Salem Al-Dosari, who will return again after his absence from the confrontations with China and Japan due to injury.

The Australian team is not much different from its guest, as it started its career in a distinctive way, recording three consecutive victories, before receiving its first loss against Japan, and is looking forward to restoring its balance and returning to the path of victories. The Australian squad includes many professional players abroad, along with some international players. The local, but he will miss the trio of Celtic player Tom Rogic, Aaron Moi of Shanghai Chinese player, and Adam Taggart due to injury and quarantine.

Australia coach Graham Arnold said, “The Saudi team is enjoying a good career, but it has benefited from playing seven of the eight matches at home, while we have played 11 of the 12 matches away from home. Our fans will give us enthusiasm and energy, despite the relatively weak influence from a tactical point of view.”

For his part, the UAE’s task will be difficult on South Korean soil Thursday in its quest to achieve its first victory in the third round of the Asian qualifiers, and the UAE will seek to snatch the first three points after a loss and three draws, against the South Korean team, which is tilted in favor in the official and friendly matches between them. Out of 21 matches since 1980, the Taeguk Warriors have won 14 times, compared to three times for the Emirates, and four draws.

Also, the Emirates will suffer in the Thursday match from impressive absences due to injuries, most notably striker Fabio Lima, defender Shaheen Abdel Rahman and midfielder Majid Hassan. To the squad after a long absence, since his participation in the Asian Cup semi-final against Qatar on January 29, 2019.

For its part, South Korea, who misses Bordeaux striker Hwang Yu-ju, will play the match, supported by their fans, who will be allowed to attend for the first time in the qualifiers since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

The Syrian team awaits Thursday in Doha a fateful confrontation against its Iraqi host, as the result of which will determine Syria’s mission in the future matches of “Nissour Qasiyon”, which occupies the last sixth place in Group One with one point, compared to three points for the Iraqi team in fifth place, and the Syrian team will play in deficient ranks From his defender, Saad Ahmed, and from the Olympic team striker, Mohamed Hallaq, due to injury, which doubles the pressure on coach Nizar Mahrous, who used five young players from the Olympic team, defender Youssef Mohamed, and defense assistants Mohamed Rehana and Oliver Caskao, and strikers Mohamed Hallaq and Ali Bashmani to fill the shortage. in some centers.

The main reliance will also be on the Saudi Al-Ahly striker Omar Al-Soma, the Emirati Al-Wahda striker Omar Kharbin and the two-middle center Mohammed Othman (Netherlands Rotterdam) and Iaz Othman (Lewinkos Greek).

Mahrous said about this confrontation, “It will be very strong, the details in it have accounts. The two teams are going through a phase of imbalance due to the existing conditions, and I expect it to be a strong and friendly match.” A match against four for Syria, and five draws.

The Lebanese team returns to play on its soil after an absence of nearly two years, as it will have a decisive meeting against its Iranian counterpart Thursday at Sidon Municipal Stadium, and the Lebanese will be deprived of following their team from the stands, as they will be empty during the match by a decision of the International Federations (FIFA) and the Asian for the game, for “security” reasons. “Noting that the Lebanese Federation and the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Interior and Defense, “communicated with the AFC to confirm the commitment of the Lebanese government to secure the matches held on our land, and the Federation also strived in this context,” according to a statement by the Lebanese Minister of Youth and Sports, George Kallas.

The “Men of the Cedars” are fully aware that they are playing their most difficult matches in the final round against the leader of the first group (10 points) and the natural candidate to reach the finals directly, but the Lebanese showed great capabilities during the qualifiers that made them occupy third place with 5 points, after a victory over Syria 3- 2 draws with the Emirates and Iraq with a negative result, and a difficult loss against South Korea with a goal. Lebanon striker Mohammed Kdouh said that “everyone knows who the Iran team is,” and added to AFP, “We will face a developed team, many of its players play in major European leagues, so it will not be The match is easy, but we always adhere to the saying that nothing is impossible on the pitch.” In terms of the Iranian team, it will miss its most dangerous striker, Porto player Mehdi Tarmi, due to the dispute with Croatian coach Dragan Sjocic.

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