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Man City’s Kyle Walker wins bet with WWE superstar and Liverpool FC fan Sheamus

WWE superstar Sheamus and Manchester City defender Kyle Walker saw their rivalry come to a head in Manchester last night as part of the WWE’s UK tour.

Thousands of fans travelled to the Manchester Arena to take in the action from the WWE’s second tour on these shores since the coronavirus pandemic and were treated to a surprise rivalry.

WWE superstar Sheamus was among the big names headlining the event but the build-up orientated around a bizarre rivalry with City man Walker.

In a video posted on the WWE prior to the event, Sheamus is at the Etihad Stadium and said: “I’ll be honest with you, this is an amazing stadium, Pep has built an incredible house here with all the trophies they’ve won. Obviously, I feel like it’s going to be Liverpool’s year again but that’s what is great about football.

“Either way, there’s one thing I can’t stand, one particular person that really grinds my gears and that’s Kyle Walker. I can’t stand that bleeding muppet. I’m here at Manchester City and where’s Kyle? He’s run away because he doesn’t have the stones to look me in the eye.”

That teased fans for what they could expect from the event in the evening and before it all kicked off, Sheamus explained his dislike of the England international.

“He loves to run his mouth, he’s a Manchester City player, I’m a Liverpool fan so there’s that rivalry. I dunno, I just don’t like him, he’s got one of those faces where I just want to punch, do you know what I mean?” He said in a press junket, with MEN Sport in attendance.

“I dunno, just something inside him aggravates me. He’s cocky, talks a lot of trash, especially when they won the league, I’d love to just bro kick him in the head.”

Entering the arena to a chorus of boos as he wore a Liverpool jersey, Sheamus’ mocking in the ring was interrupted by a video from Walker – where he proposed a bet where if Sheamus and tag-team partner Walter lost their clash with Cesaro and Finn Balor, the Irish star would have to wear a City shirt.

Sheamus would indeed defeat suffering and an official swiftly brought out a City shirt, complete with Walker’s name and number, which he refused to adorn.

However, Cesaro returned to the ring and performed his signature swing upon Sheamus, him dizzy and leaving stumbling about – which allowed Cesaro to take the opportunity to pull the shirt over his opponent’s head.

That led to a rapturous reception from the crowd, who certainly enjoyed the WWE’s treat that was unique to the Manchester leg of the tour.

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