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Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper – Inauguration of sports activities and tournaments for Al-Baldah Festival 2021

Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 12 am / Today’s news / Mukalla

This afternoon, Friday, July 16, 2021, on the shore of the Arab Sea, in the Sixty District of Mukalla, the activities, tournaments and sports events for the 2021 Tourist Town Star Festival, which is supervised by the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Hadhramaut coast, and organized by the coastal sports federations during the period from 16 to 18 July, are under the supervision of the Festival Committee and sponsored by Hadhramaut Governor, Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani.

Beach sports activities were launched in a beautiful and wonderful climatic atmosphere that the cities of the Hadhramaut coast enjoy these days, and with interesting sports competitions, with the launch of the preliminary rounds of handball and volleyball, in the presence and follow-up of the masses.

The preliminary round competitions of the handball tournament in which three hot competitive matches were held. The opening match brought together the teams of Al-Nokhatha and Al-Ghawezi, which resulted in Al-Ghawezi winning by penalty shoot-out after they tied in the original time of the match with a score of 21 goals in each net. In the second match, Al-Mihdhar team won against Al-Saddah with a big score of 36/18, and in the third match that brought together the two teams of the shed
The result of the victory resulted in the victory of Al-Kheesah 22/17. With this victory, Al-Khaysa qualifies directly to the final, where the winner is expected from the match between Al-Mihdhar and Al-Ghawezi.

The first day’s competitions were moderated by judges Majid Baeisa, Salem Bajaber, Sabri Basmael, Muhammad Bahmadi and Ahmed Baqadeem, and on the administrative side, Talib Al-Sulaimani, Salah Bahwerth, Hassan Bahmadi, an observer, and Adel Haybek as supervisor.

In the volleyball championship, four matches took place on the first day. The team (Saeed Badaoud and Ahmed Zaghfa) managed to win (21-11) over (Hamza Mahboub and Mustafa Badawi), and in the second match, (Raed Banakoud and Abdullah Al-Ghazi) managed to beat (Ahmed Gohar and Abdul Rahman Abd) with a score of 21/18, and in the match The third (Saeed Badaoud and Ahmed Zaghfa) managed to reach the final match after their victory over (Mabrouk Bajameh and Abdul Majeed Mashawif), to face them in the final tomorrow, Saturday (Raed Banakoud and Abdullah Al-Ghazi) after winning the fourth match over (Omar Saeed bin Bakheet and Moaz Muhammad Al-Diny) ).

The competitions of the first day were administered by international referees Ali Saleh Musaed, National Saleh Salem Madfa and Mukhtar Bajameh, and on the administrative side, Captain Mubarak Omar Al-Bar as supervisor and Abdullah Bajameh as an observer.

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The Cycling Federation in Hadhramaut Al-Sahel participates with a number of club stars and amateurs in the city of Mukalla within the sporting events and activities of the town’s season 2021, which are supervised by the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The Coast Cycling Federation announced its participation program this year in the circumambulation, which will be launched in Al-Shaheed neighborhood in Mukalla to the Chinese bridge in Al-Dis and back to the Mukalla neighborhood next to the sea bridge at the beginning of Al-Salam neighborhood. El Bahri in front of Bajrash buildings and back.

On the next day, the tawaf will proceed from in front of the Mukalla dam to the forty flat area and back towards Al-Dis, specifically at Al-Khor Square, which will host the ceremonies honoring the champions of the Open Swimming Race Championship and the Taekwondo Arts Show Ceremony. The Technical Committee of the Cycling Federation has completed all the arrangements for the tawaf to ensure its success and approve the itinerary and introduce the game. and its importance.

The Cycling Federation in Hadramout Al Sahel, headed by Captain Khaled Barak bin Saeed and its Secretary General, Captain Abu Bakr Al-Amoudi, had approved participation this year in the town’s season in Al-Kawaf, after the great success achieved by the prominent tour that was held last year and included the governorates of Hadramout and Al-Mahra.

The inauguration and the competitions of the first day were attended by the brothers, the Director-General of the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Hadhramaut coast, Captain Hassan Masjedi, the Director-General of the Office of the Ministry of Tourism in the Hadhramaut coast, Abdullah Al-Shaamli, the Director of the Federations and Clubs Department in the Youth and Sports Office, Muhammad Salem Al-Jafri, the Head of the Handball Federation branch, Captain Walid Bashghnoun, and the Head of the Volleyball Federation branch, Captain Anwar Jaber, member of the General Handball Federation, Fahmy Bashami, and the able captain, Jawad Baqabah.

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