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Live music was canceled at the Brisbane NRL match, despite operating at 100% capacity

A rugby league match at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium last weekend sparked confusion after COVID-related restrictions were relaxed but live entertainment during the match was canceled.

The match, which saw Brisbane Broncos and Cronulla Sharks compete against each other, took place yesterday (Sunday 4th July). Previously, NRL reps had worked with Queensland Health to ensure fans could safely return to the stadium, in this case, at 100% capacity.

Additional security measures against COVID were in place, including the mandatory wearing of masks unless you eat or drink; no concealment facility available; and any attendee using the Queensland check-in app upon arrival at the stadium.

However, local Brisbane musician Beks has not yet been able to perform at the match, despite the stadium’s full capacity and COVID safety plan.

Second Out of tune, Beks was booked to open the game in early June, but was informed just a day before his scheduled performance that all on-court entertainment has been canceled. It is understood that this decision was the result of Queensland Health’s advice on COVID-19 restrictions.

Beks explained: “I was told that I would have another opportunity to open the game in another show later in the season … They have been very sorry and supportive, it’s just circumstances beyond our control.”

“Fortunately my performance team are all good friends of mine and I haven’t had a big financial loss,” he went on to say. Out of tune. “They are all Brisbane creatives whose work has been overshadowed by ongoing restrictions, working together to create something fun to share with the crowd. It’s a shame for everyone involved that it needs to be shelved for now, but we can’t wait for a future date to show it. “

Beks also said he doesn’t blame the Broncos or their entertainment team for making this decision, and that he only received encouragement upfront.

“It’s ironic, in the way I’ve seen all my friends’ shows canceled, and I feel like, as an artist, I would be protected from the same situation as having my music cut, as it was happening at a sporting event.”

Beks has since posted an Instagram video replicating what would have been his NRL performance, played live at home with his backup band and dancers. Take a look below:

Two weeks ago, Hockey Dad was tasked with cutting an encore on their first of three Brisbane shows, following recently announced blocking orders in their home state of New South Wales. They subsequently had to postpone the remaining two shows and go into solitary confinement immediately.

The Windang duo went on to discuss the “ever-changing goal posts” put in place for the live music industry in a statement, which can be found here.

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