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News Dota 2: Undying annihilates 4Zoomer 3-0 to secure North American qualifying spot for TI10

After a year of back and forth for third place in the NA Dota 2 scene, Undying got the last laugh as he qualified for TI10 at the cost of 4Zoomers.

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After a year of battling for third place in North American Dota 2 after Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew, Undying definitely proved they deserve third place when they defeated 4Zoomers 3-0 in the NA TI10 Qualifiers Finals. Not only did Undying not lose a match in the Finals, but they also managed to stay undefeated during qualifying, without losing any matches. Now that, it’s quite a feat!

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4Zoomers started the day with a streak against the bumble beEE and, like all fights won, dropped the first game. But the Zoomers kept their cool and played to their strengths in the next two games to win the series 2-1 and set up a clash in the finals against Undying.

Immortal vs. 4Zoomers has evolved into a healthy rivalry throughout the year. Undying managed to get the better of his enemies in both seasons of the DPC leagues, but 4Zoomers defeated them in the BTS pro 5 series finals. In the BTS pro 6 series, Zoomers managed to win in the upper group final, but Undying overturned the fate of the final. Entering the final tier of TI10 NA qualifiers, it was Undying who held the best record against 4Zoomers, including yesterday’s 2-0 win in the top-tier final.

The first match was fought, with neither team having a decisive advantage over the other. Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson’s Naga Siren was farming faster than any other hero on the map, accelerating Zoomer’s net advantage at a reduced rate. However, the Undying team has three players who have already been to The International and have a little more experience and patience while playing in clutch games like the one that took place. Even when playing from behind, they managed to sneak into Roshan’s first two kills, and catching Sammyboy in the wrong place at the wrong time was all it took for them to transform the game.

In game 2, Undying turned to the transport ax, which Enzo “Timado” Gianoli performed beautifully. Went 11/3/10, Jonas “Saberlight” Volek’s Timbersaw goal stole the show with a 13/0/14 performance.

4Zoomers, with their backs to the wall in Game 3, tried to emulate what their opponents in Game 2 by choosing the transport ax for Sammyboy. But David “MoonMeander” Tan mentioned later in the interview that while they had gotten strong on the Ax carry in scrims, the team also figured out which heroes could effectively counter him, which is exactly what they did with a win in just under 33. minutes to secure a 3-0 Series win and a spot on TI10. Needless to say, MoonMeander was over the moon (no pun intended).

Though possibly crushed, Sammyboy was gentle in the defeat.

Undying, who were very close to securing a DPC Major spot in both seasons (especially the first, which went to a three-way tierbreaker), will finally have a chance to prove themselves at LAN events. If they manage to achieve stellar performance at the TI10, it could end up being the deciding factor giving NA three seats at DPC Majors from next year.

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