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Wesley Blake at the end of “Blake And Murphy” in WWE NXT

During his recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former WWE superstar Wesley Blake [Westin Blake] reflected on his run as a tag team with Buddy Murphy in WWE NXT.

Blake recounted how he and Murphy had been tied side by side since their first day in WWE.

“We both started on the same day at the Performance Center. It was July 8, 2013 and we were the first class group to enter the PC, “Blake recalled.” We actually met at our auditions at FCW and there would only be one guaranteed contract. Murphy was that person. Ed that’s when our friendship began. Since he was a foreigner, he was looking for friends to show him the surroundings. We liked each other and started cycling on the road together.

“It was eight or nine months when Matt Bloom took me aside and asked me, ‘What do you think about tagging with Buddy?’ At that time, the thought never occurred to me, but I said, “I’d love to.” And so, at a promotional class that night, Dusty Rhodes said, “Come back tomorrow with Murphy and we’ll put you in front of a camera.” I called Buddy and we were so excited. And before you know it, we started doing live events together as a tag team. “

Blake continued: “Just to illustrate how passionate we were about being successful… at the time, we didn’t have the proper gear like kick pads, shorts and stuff like that. So, I remember borrowing someone else’s white shorts and boots just so we could look cohesive as a team. Once that happened, the ball started rolling. We got Match of the Year and when we first came out of Full Sail, we had a dark match with Lucha Dragons and got a lot of great feedback. They loved our looks, the atmosphere and the chemistry. We both had the same level of intensity and things were just fine. People watching us could tell that we had a real connection and friendship. And when that oozes on TV, people could really support us. “

When requested by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman if there is a chance he and Murphy will reunite on the indie circuit, Blake said, “Yes, absolutely. This could be a future opportunity if it presents itself. Murphy and I are still in touch with each other. “

As for why his tag team with Murphy was disbanded, Blake said he had a lot to do with Alexa Bliss leaving the team to go singles.

“I guess that’s what creativity wanted,” said Blake. “Once the NXT tag titles were released, they wanted to separate Alexa from us, so she could scare her monkeys away. We were very happy for her because we knew she was going to be a star. And so, we were still tagging but not getting any traction. We didn’t have any storylines on NXT, and then they slowly started putting us in single matches. At one point, we disagreed and weren’t sure if we were still a team or not. And then in the end, they said that Samoa Joe would come and lay us down during a game. At the time, Buddy and I pitched the idea of ​​fighting each other, in a best-of-three or best-of-five series. But they didn’t want it. So, I just started playing my Beautiful Blake character and he moved on to 205 Live. “

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