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Conor McGregor launches X-rated Twitter rant as he sets the tone for Dustin Poirier’s trilogy

Conor McGregor has incited a war of words with Dustin Poirier within a week of completing the trilogy at UFC 264 in Las Vegas.

Poirier is returning to the octagon with Notorious six months after knocking him out in Abu Dhabi.

The American fully won the first rematch in January via TKO in the second round, with McGregor facing a swarm of hard punches.

But since that defeat, in typical McGregor fashion, he has spoken aloud about his opponent’s tactics, especially his tactic of eliminating first shots.

Two weeks ago the Irishman posted on social media “the first to shoot is a dusty b ****” referring to Poirier’s tactic of shooting McGregor’s legs in the second fight.

Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor by TKO at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi
Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor by TKO at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi

But the Diamond responded to his old rival, suggesting that the stakes show a sign of insecurity on the part of the extremely confident McGregor.

Speaking with ESPN, Poirier explained: “He just said something, ‘first to shoot is a dusty b ****’, isn’t that what he always preaches on the flow, full martial arts, no holds barred ?, l last fight.

“How about if the first to be shot down is a dusty b ****? These are mixed martial arts, put it all together. It stinks of insecurity ”.

McGregor responded quickly on social media, saying, “Best boxer, my a **!” McGregor responded on Twitter. ”Shooting at **, bombing ** b ****.

“Soon fast for you and your team mate: you were made fun of during the clinch! Elbows, knees, shoulders, fists.

“Seek advice out of the cage.”

McGregor responded to claims made by Poirier in an interview with ESPN
McGregor responded to claims made by Poirier in an interview with ESPN

The two come face to face at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena on July 10, and Poirier, 32, has hinted that he’s ready for McGregor’s war of words, with his only focus on what happens when the two enter the cage.

“I want a war of blood and courage,” he continued. “I want to question my willingness to fight. I want it to be uncomfortable from the first second of the first round.

“This is the problem of fighting, the only real thing is when the bell rings. Or every time you show up and train, that’s the one real part of the fight I love the most.

“Everything else is, who can bullshit and get a lot of likes on Instagram, get a lot of followers, who can make some kind of funny video. It’s disgusting, it’s a fashion show, it’s all fake.

“The real part, when the doorbell rings, is one hundred percent real. I want to find out about him, ‘if you talk about it, but let’s see who really wants to fight’ because I know I can count on me ”.

McGregor is also clearly looking for a war, with his social media posts suggesting he will be looking for “deadly blows” to return to relevance in the 155-pound division.

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