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Lose the Cup in Auckland or win the Cup offshore • Live Sail Die

One week ago, after Grant Dalton’s address to RNZYS, we offered the people a poll. The two simple options came from a comment Dalton said to the crowd at RNZYS. The comment was – Team New Zealand fans were saying they would rather lose the Cup at home than win it elsewhere. So, to see if this was truly how they felt, we gave them those two options:

  • Lose the Cup in Auckland
  • Win the Cup Offshore

We posted on our instagram story and also created a poll on our website. Please note that these polls are not necessarily statistically sound and are a just fun way for everyone to see where the public sits in regards to the future of the Cup in New Zealand.

The votes came rolling in for days – and it was a very close race. After almost 5 days, the results were 50/50. In the last few days is when it started to sway in one clear direction.

The debates, at times aggressive, on social media have not necessarily shown a majority one way or another. There are very strong opinions in both directions – some written in CAPITAL LETTERS, some with ***** profanities, some seemed to put relationships to the test, and some written in long long paragraphs.

Although entertaining to keep up with, we still don’t know the fate of the 37th America’s Cup, we do have some answers on the public opinion.

Over 400 votes* later and the results are in. The fans have spoken. (*The following results are from votes are from our article, not including our instagram story poll)

The results may surprise you…..or maybe not.

Results of website poll:

Winner of the website poll: Lose the cup in Auckland

58% of voters would rather the Cup be held in New Zealand and Team New Zealand lose the Cup than have the Cup held offshore and have Team New Zealand win the Cup.

Now, we can’t specify who is a Team New Zealand fan and who is not. Regardless, it does appear that the general public would rather the Cup be held somewhere other than New Zealand. And that outcome seems more and more probable.

To compare these results to our instagram poll –

Winner of instagram poll: Win the Cup Offshore

363 people voted on our instagram story and 37% voted to lose it at home and 62% voted to win offshore. A stark contrast to our website poll.

It is fair to say that the majority of instagram users are of the younger generation – could different generations have that much of a difference in opinion when it comes to the Cup?

We’ve heard what the people have to say. Now, we wait to hear what Team New Zealand’s next move is.

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