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15 fitness products ready for summer

These summer-ready fitness products and services are meant to motivate people to be (or continue to be) more active and healthier during the warmer months.

Aura7 Activewear is a highlight on this list. The celebrity-favorite brand really stood out with its comfortable, lightweight fabrics and ultra-chic silhouettes. Nova Biker Short by Aura7, for example, boasts an innovative design, with a drawstring on the back that allows people to adjust the fit while highlighting their characteristics. The tops and shorts are offered in different colors and the fabric has SPF.

For tennis lovers, the summer-ready fitness list draws attention to L’Oeuf Poché which recently launched a groundbreaking collection: the Baseline Collection. The fabric, like the Aura7 range, comes with SPF 30+ sun protection, to give you peace of mind on a warm, sunny day.

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