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WNBA says he is 99% fully vaccinated 9%

The WNBA has taken its hit and them some. You championship announced this week that 99% of its players and staff have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Among the major U.S. men’s leagues, every NFL team is now at least 90 percent vaccinated between players and staff, a league spokesperson told CNN, although a much lower estimate – that 65 percent of players received at least one. shot – emerged last week. Some outspoken resistance and a certain conspiratorial congressman don’t help matters. The MLB announced on June 25 that 85% of its players and staff were now fully vaccinated. In April, the NBA said at least 70% of its players had at least one stroke. The PGA Tour has vaccinated just over 50 percent of its golfers, an executive recently estimated.

But when it comes to the best jab rate, the WNBA is in a league of its own among US sports leagues, CBS News noted.

Not a single player tested positive for COVID-19 all season, the league said.

The WNBA Players Union thanked “all the experts, doctors and other health professionals who took the time to take our player-led vaccine training sessions during the offseason!” CBS News reports.

Fans on Twitter also cheered the WNBA, calling it the “smartest league of all sports.”

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