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Today .. the Olympic team faces the boys of South Africa with two formations in preparation for Tokyo

The Olympic team will meet its South African counterpart at 8:00 pm today, Thursday, at the Suez Stadium, in the first friendly rehearsal for the Pharaohs in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, which begins on July 22 next.

Shawky Gharib, coach of the Olympic team, seeks during that match to test the players, especially the new faces, with the aim of standing up to their true level, regardless of the outcome of the match, especially since he faced South Africa three times before, including two friendlies and an official match in the African Nations Under-23 Championship, which It was established in Cairo.

Therefore, the technical staff of the Olympic team intends to play tonight’s match with two different formations throughout the two halves of the match, so that there is an opportunity to involve the largest number of players currently in the camp, numbering 28, after excluding the duo, Taher Mohamed Taher and Omar Marmoush.

The Olympic team coach relies on a fixed method of playing since the founding of this team at the beginning of 2018, which is 1/3/3/3, provided that two formations are made, starting with the goalkeeper, and even the attackers, where the formation of the first half and the alternative formation is playing the second half.

Mahmoud Gad approached the goalkeeper of the Olympic team during this match, and in front of him was the three-defender Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Mohamed Abdel Salam and Mahmoud Al-Jazzar, and in the middle Akram Tawfiq, Nasser Maher, Ahmed Abu Al-Fotouh and Karim Al-Iraqi, Ramadan Sobhi in the center of the left wing, Karim Fouad in the center of the right wing and Mustafa Muhammad is an outspoken striker.

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