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The fall of Lebanon to Turkmenistan is toppled | Newspaper

Beirut – Naji Charbel

The Lebanese national team paid the price for goalkeeper Mahdi Khalil’s net kick from two fixed balls, in addition to completing the last minutes of the match with Turkmenistan with 10 players after defender Nour Mansour was sent off with a red card, and he fell 2-3 (0-0 first half), in the match that took place between them. Yesterday at Goyang Stadium in South Korea, in Group H of the Asian double qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the Asian Cup in China 2023.

The loss prevented Lebanon from guaranteeing a seat in the decisive Asian role qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar, and direct qualification for the Asian Cup finals in China, knowing that the fate of the “rice team” is still in its hands on the field in the event that it overtakes South Korea, host of the group’s gathering next Wednesday.

The Lebanese team was delayed 0-1 with a header by Dhofar Bayjanov in the 60th minute, but the Lebanese response came as a thunderbolt through reserve strikers Rabie Ataya and Hassan “Sony” Saad, to give Lebanon a 2-1 lead within two minutes.

Ataya scored a 1-1 tie after an individual effort, as he stormed the Turkmen region and sent the ball to the right of the goalkeeper in the 73rd minute.

In the 75th minute, Saad gave Lebanon a 2-1 lead with a shot from outside the area to the right scissors of the Turkmen goalkeeper’s goal.

In the 86th minute, with a free kick from outside the area, Anagoliev Goshmirat equalized for Turkmenistan 2-2 with a reel that turned his foot into the net of goalkeeper Khalil. This was followed by the expulsion of the referee for defender Nour Mansour with a red card.

In the last 90 minutes, Timurad Antadiurdev scored a 3-2 winning goal for Turkmenistan with a ground kick from inside the area to the left of goalkeeper Khalil.

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