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Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper – What is the real problem with the national team’s faltering?

Wednesday, June 09, 2021 at 11 pm / Today’s news / Muhammad Al-Omayy

Anger and sadness prevailed among the Yemeni sports street of all stripes after the end of the first national football team match against the Saudi team, last Saturday, in the double qualifiers for the World Cup (Qatar 2022) and the Asian Cup (China 2023).

Sadness and anger were not due to the result that ended with three clean Saudi goals, but rather because of the lackluster performance of the team members throughout the ninety minutes, in which the Saudi team’s possession of the ball reached 69%, and the Yemeni team’s lines were absent in defense and attack, and the midfielders got lost. As if the players entered the match without a plan… in a clear indication that there is a clear absence of efficient management of the game federation, and the lack of real support for the team.

The sports street attributed the reasons for this to the federation’s mismanagement of the preparation stage and the absence of preparatory matches, especially since the team has not played any matches since 2019, while not neglecting the case of Yemen, which has been living in a war that has been raging for seven years. Its role in preparing a national team suitable for the task.

Here we monitor some of the reactions of sports followers on media and social media platforms regarding the result of the match in an attempt to answer the question: Why was that disappointing result?, and where is the real problem of the first national football team in Yemen?


Sports writer Abdullah Al-Saafani in his article entitled “He did not defend and did not attack and renewed disappointment. A Yemeni team is out of readiness… and a union mired in failure and corruption,” he said, “It is fair to stop at the fact that the one who bears responsibility for what happened is the Football Association for the following reasons: It failed to hold local competitions, the union did not care about arranging a preparation camp in a sufficient time and organizing it. Matches that help the coach recognize and repair the mistakes of his players… The Federation is busy with everything that does not concern it, and all its concern is to harvest FIFA’s aid.”

Replay the domestic league

While my colleague Ali Basaidah confirmed that (everyone is upset) about the loss and the unconvincing performance that the Yemeni national team presented against the Saudi team.. “We aspired that our performance would be better! But this is the reality of the match, which revealed the extent to which the team needs many preparatory matches… and the need to return the local league in any way, and by any means.”

War is not an excuse

My colleague Hassan Al-Aidarous, the Yemeni football commentator on (BN Sport) channels, wrote under the title “War is not an excuse,” saying: “In every forum, participation and occasion in which the national team is present, you find a torrent of justifications and excuses even before the start of the national team matches.” “(Because of circumstances) (because of the war) are two phrases that are frequently repeated by Yemeni and non-Yemeni journalists and media professionals in every forum, in an indication to justify the repeated failure of the national team and the appearance of a sad, always faint image that does not touch even the slightest aspirations of the Yemeni sports street that loves and loves football.”

Al-Aidarous added: “We are putting these repeated failures on the conditions and the war that has existed in the country for years, as if before the war we had reached the World Cup or lost the Asian Cup semi-final with difficulty, or we were the title holders of the Gulf Cup. The years pass, and every day the distance between us and the lowest stages of the real development of modern football increases, and what our national team should be, even at the lowest value that football fans in Yemen deserve.

He stressed that “the war and the situation in Yemen is never an excuse. Rather, from under the rubble of such wars, stars emerged that achieved great success after suffering war and pain. Perhaps the closest examples are (Luka Modric), the star of the Croatian national team, Real Madrid, and other players who were the war and the pain they lived through. Then they set out to embrace the glories.”

He added, “In Yemen, football is still alive and has not died, but the ones who died (clinically) are the managers of sports in Yemen. Far from them and their greed, indifference, or even interest in friendly matches or preparatory mini-leagues, football activities are still held in their local leagues in the governorates for clubs or popular teams, without support from the budgets of the International Federation or the Asian that it monitors for the Football Association. Rather, these activities are held with the support of A generous sports fan in Yemen.” He stressed that the real problem is with Yemeni football managers who made Yemen’s presence in forums and tournaments (only for the purpose of participation).

Trust yourselves

While Mohammed Al-Saadi, football commentator on the Qatari Al-Kass channels, said: Trust yourselves, a word uttered by the coach of the Yemeni Red National team, Ahmed Ali Qassem, before facing the Saudi Green. Self-confidence is the result of local tournaments, planning, work, effort, fitness, friendly experiences and development. Whoever put the “red” coach in this place did not arm him with it!

While Yemeni YouTuber Ahmed Allaw asked: “Why did we lose by three? Of course, a logical loss. The match ended with three zero recorded in the first half, our team improved in the second half after the changes, and this is evidence that our team needed friendly matches, and the coach played with the elements that were playing with the late Sami Naash, and he did not include young players except in the second half, including Jalal Al-Jalal. And Ahmed Al-Wajeeh, and the format of the match changed.”

The departure of the union

Through a live video that spanned more than half an hour, which he posted on Facebook, fellow sports journalist Bashir Sinan called for the departure of the administration of the General Football Association in Yemen, explaining the reasons for this; This is what the commentators interacted with on his clip, and some expressed despair over this (the departure of the administration); What they considered the absence of conscience, the absence of the government agency that compels them to do so, in addition to the weakness of the clubs’ administrations and the General Assembly of the Federation.

public sympathy

Despite the disappointing result, the Yemeni fans expressed their sympathy with the players and the technical staff, and understood the circumstances they were going through in the past period as a result of the lack of management and real support as an important factor behind the team’s failure.. She poured out her anger on the responsible administrative authorities in the Federation’s Board of Directors. The General Football Association, the General Assembly of the Federation and the Ministries of Youth and Sports.

Perhaps what gratifies the heart in this match is the great public interaction that supported the team throughout the minutes and after the match, despite the negative result and performance. This was evident after the match by chanting the Yemeni republican anthem in the stadium stands, and greeting the players after the end of the match.

It is worth noting that the national team, which is at the bottom of the standings of Group D teams with 5 points, will face, next Friday – June 11, the second-ranked Uzbek team, at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, and on the 15th of the same month it will face the national team. The Palestinian is on the same field.

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