World Cup 2018 fixtures – complete match schedule, kick-off times and venues

THE draw for the World Cup Finals will take place on December 1 in Moscow.

All 32 finalists for Russia 2018 are now known – and the nations will be gathering at the Kremlin to learn who they will be facing in the tournament next summer.

Gary Lineker will be hosting the draw, which will divide the teams into at groups of four for first round stage.

World Cup 2018 match schedule (all times UK)

Thursday 14 June

Russia vs A2 (Group A) – 4pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

Friday 15 June

A3 vs A4 (Group A) – 1pm, Ekaterinburg Arena

B3 vs B4 (Group B) – 4pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

B1 vs B2 (Group B) – 7pm, Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

Saturday 16 June

C1 vs C2 (Group C) – 11am, Kazan Arena

D1 vs D2 (Group D) – 2pm, Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

C3 vs C4 (Group C) – 5pm, Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

D3 vs D4 (Group D) – 8pm, Kaliningrad Stadium

Sunday 17 June

E3 vs E4 (Group E) – 1pm, Samara Arena

F1 vs F2 (Group F) – 4pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

E1 vs E2 (Group E) – 7pm, Rostov Arena

Monday 18 June

F3 vs F4 (Group F) – 1pm, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

G1 vs G2 (Group G) – 4pm, Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

G3 vs G4 (Group G) – 7pm, Volgograd Arena

Tuesday 19 June

H1 vs H2 (Group H) – 1pm, Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

H3 vs H4 (Group H) – 4pm, Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

Russia vs A3 (Group A) – 7pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

Wednesday 20 June

B1 vs B3 (Group B) – 1pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

A4 vs A2 (Group A) – 4pm, Rostov Arena

B4 vs B2 (Group B) – 7pm, Kazan Arena

Thursday 21 June

C1 vs C3 (Group C) – 1pm, Ekateringburg Arena

C4 vs C2 (Group C)) – 4pm, Samara Arena

D1 vs D3 (Group D) – 7pm, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Friday 22 June

E1 vs E3 (Group E) – 1pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

D4 vs D2 (Group D) – 4pm, Volgograd Arena

E4 vs E2 (Group E) – 7pm, Kaliningrad Stadium

Saturday 23 June

G1 vs G3 (Group G) – Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

F1 vs F3 (Group F) – Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

F4 vs F2 (Group F) – 7pm, Rostov Arena

Sunday 24 June

G4 vs G2 (Group G) – 1pm, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

H4 vs H2 (Group H) – 4pm, Ekateringburg Arena

H1 vs H3 (Group H) – 7pm, Kazan Arena

Monday 25 June

A4 vs Russia (Group A) – 3pm, Samara Arena

A2 vs A3 (Group A) – 3pm, Volgograd Arena

B2 vs B3 (Group B) – 7pm, Kaliningrad Stadium

B4 vs B1 (Group B) – 7pm, Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

Tuesday 26 June

C2 vs C3 (Group C) – 3pm, Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

C4 vs C1 (Group C) – 3pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

D2 vs D3 (Group D) – 7pm, Rostov Arena

D4 vs D1 (Group D) – 7pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

Wednesday 27 June

F2 vs F3 (Group F) – 3pm, Ekateringburg Arena

F4 vs F1 (Group F) – 3pm, Kazan Arena

E2 vs E3 (Group E) – 7pm, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

E4 vs E1 (Group E) – 7pm, Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

Thursday 28 June

H2 vs H3 (Group H) – 3pm, Samara Arena

H4 vs H1 (Group H) – 3pm, Volgograd Arena

G2 vs G3 (Group G) – 7pm, Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

G4 vs G1 (Group G) – 7pm, Kaliningrad Stadium

Saturday 30 June

Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group D (Last 16 Match 1) – 3pm, Kazan Arena

Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B (Last 16 Match 2) – 7pm, Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

Sunday 1 July

Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A (Last 16 Match 3) – 3pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group C (Last 16 Match 4) – 7pm, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Monday 2 July

Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group F (Last 16 Match 5) – 3pm, Samara Arena

Winner Group G vs Runner-up Group H (Last 16 Match 6) – 7pm, Rostov Arena

Tuesday 3 July

Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E (Last 16 Match 7) – 3pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

Winner Group H vs Runner-up Group G (Last 16 Match 8) – 7pm, Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

Friday 6 July

Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2 (QF 1) – 3pm, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Winner Match 5 vs Winner Match 6 (QF 2) – 7pm, Kazan Arena

Saturday 6 July

Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 4 (QF 3) – 3pm, Samara Arena

Winner Match 7 vs Winner Match 8 (QF 4) – 7pm Fisht Stadium, Sochi

Tuesday 10 July

Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 2 (Semi-final) – 7pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

Wednesday 11 July

Winner QF 3 vs Winner QF 4 (Semi-final) – 7pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

Saturday 14 July

Third/fourth play-off – 3pm, Saint Petersburg Stadium

Sunday 15 July

World Cup Final – 4pm, Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

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